Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Anticipating 2015. Or something like that.

What I Look Forward To in 2015

Well, first of all, I look forward to 2016, which, of course, doesn’t bode well for what I look forward to in 2015.  And since, it seems, I recorded NOTHING in this blog in 2014, I would say I'm already on my way to a stupendous year.  Unless I'm not.  Anyway...

I look forward to BETTER CALL SAUL, because BREAKING BAD was one of the greatest television series I’ve ever experienced, and Vince Gilligan simply can’t screw this up, can he?  Can he????

I look forward to the opening of BLACK MASS in October and hope that my one line with Johnny Depp remains in the movie.  It should, because I interrupt a long scene at a table with Johnny as Whitey Bulger and his Triple O’s cronies and tell Whitey he needs to go outside to break up a fight.  I figure if they filmed the fight (and why wouldn’t they film the fight, it’s a FIGHT for God’s sake?!), then Johnny needs to go out to break up the fight, and he has no reason to go out to break up the fight unless he goes because I, the Triple O’s bartender, told him about the fight he has to go out to break up.  Anyway, I look forward to this.  When I did THE TOWN, we had the local premiere on a stunningly beautiful September night at Fenway.  Not sure how BLACK MASS can top that.  Unless we set up a wide screen at Triple O's.

I look forward to the 2015 season of the Greater Lowell Music Theatre, working on the wonderful FIORELLO with Mara Bonde and many other brilliantly talented singers; then overseeing ANYTHING GOES and all those great Cole Porter songs; then directing A FUNNY THING HAPPENED ON THE WAY TO THE FORUM starring Eddie Mekka.  Mekka, who played Tevye for us last summer, is an astonishing actor.  I mean that.  Anybody who saw FIDDLER knows this.  And my guess is there will be very few moments for audience members to catch their breath during FORUM, because Eddie is an avalanche of energy, and he was born to do this show.  So I look forward to that.

I look forward to finally driving across the country, which I’ve been wanting to do my entire life.  (Well, my entire life after I was, like, 27.)  I also look forward to talking myself out of doing this, as I do every year.  The problem with driving across the country is that if you don’t like it, you have to drive back.  I don’t worry too much about this, because, as anyone who knows me knows, I am a driving fool.  So…yeah, I look forward to this, even though, come August 15, I will have completely talked myself out of it.

Okay, that's enough to look forward to.  I'm not a glass half full kinda guy.  I like to keep my anticipations on the lame side.  I'm not really a glass half empty kinda guy, either.  In fact, I don't think I even have a glass.

There.  I've written in the blog in 2015.  Glad I got that out of the way. 

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